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Experience the allure and charm of Arabian nights with this exceptional abaya. Revel in the shimmering beauty of the Rotana Shimmer material and embrace the enchantment of the deep dark olive green shade. Make a lasting impression with the Arabian Olivedrab Abaya and let your style speak volumes.


The Rotana Shimmer material not only offers a visually stunning appearance but also provides a comfortable and lightweight feel. The abaya drapes effortlessly, allowing you to move with ease while radiating a sense of poise and grace.


The Arabian Olivedrab Abaya features exquisite embroidery details on the arms and front, adding a touch of artistry and intricate beauty. These delicate embellishments showcase skilled craftsmanship, elevating the abaya's aesthetic appeal. The folded sleeves and folded lapels that gracefully extend down the abaya exude a refined and polished look.


Embracing both modesty and style, this abaya comes with a matching hijab. The coordinated design ensures a seamless and elegant ensemble, allowing you to step out with confidence and grace.



  • Color: Dark Green 
  • Materials: 100% Rotana Shimmer
  • Care instructions: gentle wash below 20 degrees / Pressing / Steam ironing
  • Manufacturing: Handmade in the United Arab Emirates

Arabian Olivedrab

€ 129,95Price
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